Chapter 21: Quiver

After dinner, it was beginning to snow heavily, so we agreed to go back to the hotel and spend the night in.

Taylor unlocked the door and let me in first.

I turned on the overhead light and unbuttoned my jacket.

“Here, sweetie.” He offered, helping me slip my coat from my shoulders.

“Thanks.” I smiled. He hung our coats in the closet.

He moved toward me and wrapped his arms gently around me. “So, how are you feeling?” He asked gently.

“I’m so full I think I could burst.” I sighed.

“Really?” He frowned.

“No, it’s good.” I laughed softly, loosening his tie. “So what are we doing now?”

He grinned. “Well, how about we order some movies from pay-per-view, climb into bed in our pajamas until we fall asleep.” He suggested.

I pouted. “What? You mean, we’re not having sex?”

He chuckled, “Uh… Em… you’re pregnant… shouldn’t we maybe talk to your doctors first or-“

“We could call your mother, I’m sure she’d be able to help us.”

The color seemed to drain from his face. “Uhh… I don’t think that’s a good idea either…” He began drawing his hand awkwardly across the back of his neck.

“Come on, we had sex about a week ago, and everything was fine…”

“A week ago we didn’t know you were expecting.” He countered, carefully removing his suit jacket and draping it over a chair.

I chewed my lip. “Wait.” I crossed the room to the bag of books I had brought with me, I found the one I was looking for and brought it to him, “See? Sex during pregnancy is okay…” I flipped the book open “And they even recommend techniques and positions and-“

He chuckled. “Okay, okay.” He took the book from my hands and closed it, smiling. “If that’s what you want to do, then okay… but I just… think we should be careful about it.”

“I definite want to do it.” I stood on my toes and kissed his lips.

He grinned, drawing his arms around me, pulling me closer quickly.

“Wait,” I laughed softly against his lips. “Not so tight…”

“Sorry… this is going to be an adjustment.” He smirked, moving his hands to my stomach.

I grasped his tie and pulled him along with me toward the bed. Eagerly, I pushed him down.

He chuckled, his hands reaching for my hips as I moved on top of him.

I slid between his parted thighs and found his lips with mine again.

“You’re eager.” He mused.

“I’ve been waiting all week for this.” I sighed as his lips moved against my neck.

His hands slid slowly up my back at the same time I reached for the zipper.

I gave up, since I couldn’t reach anyway. Instead, I focused on shrugging out of the straps and helping him lift the mass of fabric over my head.

“Gorgeous.” He breathed, kissing my collarbone.

I fumbled with the belt and front of his dress pants, unbearably eager.

Taylor continued kissing my shoulder, as I struggled to free him from his suit. He had way too many layers of clothes on. I managed to unbutton his white dress shirt, and push the fabric from his shoulders. He eagerly jerked his tank top free and his arms moved around me again. One hand remained on my lower back, while the other wound its way into the back of my hair, hanging on tightly. His lips made their way back to mine and he kissed me ferociously.

I moaned against his mouth, unable to move or concentrate. His hips lifted from the bed and I felt his arousal press against me. I gasped, moaning softly.

I ran my fingernails lightly down his spine, causing him to buck against me again and moan.

He carefully urged me to the side and when I was successfully lying on my back against the pillows, he hovered over me, lowering his lips to mine.

I worked his pants and boxers off eagerly, pushing them down with my feet and hands, trying to make quick work of it.

His lips moved gently to my throat, as his hands slid slowly down my hips, dragging my underwear with them.

“Oh, god. Hurry, please.” I begged in a dry whisper, right in his ear.

He moaned against my skin.

“Emma, please.” He said between kisses. “If I hurt you, if it’s too fast… if you need to stop-“

“I’ll tell you, I swear.” I rushed quickly.

“Okay.” He planted his hands above my hips and entered me slowly, gently.

I dropped back against the pillows, a sense of almost relief washing over me. My body knew what was coming, and even though it screamed for more, this was a fantastic start.

“Oh, good.” I purred.

He chuckled, moving in more, carefully. He leaned down to kiss my lips.

“More.” I pled against his mouth.

He hovered over me again, eying me questioningly. “Are you sure? Is that wise?”

“Don’t make me beg…” I whimpered.

“Okay.” He thrust hesitantly. It felt like he was deeper than ever before. I nearly jumped off the mattress.

“Oh god, yes!” I gasped, my body bucked against his involuntarily.

His lips found mine and he began with slow, steady thrusts inside me. He kissed me until it felt like my lungs were going to explode.

I moved my thighs around him, pulling him in a little more, lifting my hips to meet each of his movements.

His lips trailed down to my breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. My whole body was so sensitive, I couldn’t handle it.

“Ahh!” I gasped. “Oh, more.”

He groaned, and his thrusts picked up. I arched against him at such a degree, the angle of him inside me changed. He found a new spot inside me to press against and I couldn’t handle it. I could see stars. My body was on fire, blazing with the heat I could feel pouring from my skin in waves.

I released the bed sheets I had been grasping and reached ahead of me, gripping the headboard until my hands hurt.

“Oh, Tay. Harder! God, make me come so hard.” I begged.

“Shit, Emma.” He cursed.

I felt the orgasm building in my own body, my hands began to tremble, and I whimpered.

“Oh, ugh!” My mouth fell open in silent pants, I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t see. “Tay!” I cried loudly. “So good, so close!”

“Emma, please…” He begged. “I can’t…”

I sunk my teeth into my lip and tried to hold onto the feeling, the overwhelming sense of arousal flooding through my body. I felt my whole body heat up until I was just about to combust, and we finished simultaneously. I screamed his name louder than ever before, arching into him. The room shimmered around the edges, my whole body tingled. My body convulsed.

Taylor groaned my name as my body clamped down on him for the last of his release. My toes curled.

He dropped next to me on the bed, panting hard. He was sweating more than usual.

I swallowed; my mouth and throat were dry. My thighs were quivering, and I turned my head to the side, finally releasing the headboard from my tight grasp. I pushed my hair out of my eyes with hands that were so shaky, even I couldn’t believe it.

“Em, you’re shaking, are you okay?” He demanded worriedly.

“Oh, god…” I whimpered, breathlessly.”Oh, Taylor…” I groaned, my head turning from side to side quickly.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked worriedly. He laid his hand on my cheek gently. His hand seemed to burn my skin, causing a new sense of tingles radiating from within me.

“I…” I tried to tell him I was fine, but I couldn’t think and I couldn’t seem to get a full sentence out. “Incredible, oh, mmmph!” I squeaked, releasing another moan.

I chewed my lip to keep from saying anything more.

He swallowed thickly. “God, that was so amazing… I’ve never felt anything like that before… it was… oh man.” He breathed, staring up at the ceiling.

I whimpered quietly, closing my eyes tightly. All I could think about was having him again.

I swallowed, and even though my body felt like it was made of rubber, mustered any strength I had left and pushed myself up.

I climbed on top of him and kissed him deeply.

“Em…” He chuckled. “Maybe it’s not such a good idea…” he began slowly.

Straddling him, I could already feel his arousal against the inside of my thigh.

“Please.” I said between kisses. “One more time, just like that… make me come again, just like that.” I purred. “I want to feel you in me again.”

He groaned, “Oh, you sexy-“

I cut him off, kissing him again. His hands moved to my hips to urge me down on him. I sunk down, feeling him fill me once again.

I wriggled a bit until it felt the same as before. This time I leaned back and gripped the sheets in my hand. My head fell back onto my shoulders. “Oh, yes, there.” I whimpered.

He groaned, and sat up to create a steady pattern of movements. The second time was almost more than I could handle. My body came alive, every inch of my skin seemed to crawl.

I called his name again when I trembled from release, this time much harder than the first before we both collapsed exhausted on the bed.


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