Chapter 26: Shopping

I followed my Grandmother and Mrs. Hanson into a huge baby department store just outside the downtown core.

I sighed tiredly.

“Are you okay, honey? Are you not getting enough sleep?” Grandma asked, loosely wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I’m sleeping a lot, I just keep waking up every few hours. I mean, sleep on my side usually, but with the belly growing, it’s like I can only stay on one side for a couple hours, then I have to flop over to the other side because my back starts to hurt.” I sighed.

Mrs. Hanson nodded sympathetically. “I went through that with Zoe. I know just the thing. I’ll be right back.”

I chewed my lip and let Grandma push the cart. We got only a few feet before Mrs. Hanson returned, holding an odd shaped pillow. It was a crescent shape, with plush white fabric covering it.

Before I could ask Mrs. Hanson explained how it was used and that I could even use it for nursing or holding the babies after they were born.

It was a great idea, so I put it in the cart, determined to try anything.

“Oh, before I forget.” Grandma began, as we ventured down a large aisle. “Any ideas on what to get the babies for Christmas?”

My jaw dropped. “You’re going to get them gifts? I mean, they’re not even born yet…” I glanced at Mrs. Hanson.

“It really is a good idea. Baby stuff is expensive, and you’ll need a lot of it. Any little bit helps… We could get clothing or blankets…”

“Yeah, but that kind of stuff she’ll get a lot of at the babyshower.” Grandma continued.

My mouth hung open.

“You’re right. We’re best off just to stick to the big stuff. Diaper bags, a stroller…” Mrs. Hanson agreed.

“Car seats, high chairs, baby monitors…” Grandma continued.

I was suddenly overwhelmed. They were planning on buying Christmas gifts for children not even born yet. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. Small gifts I could see, but big expensive ones seemed outlandish to me.

“Oh, look how cute!” Grandma picked up a little outfit, an adorable pink outfit with booties to match.

“That is definitely cute… but I don’t know… I think she’s having boys. She seems to be carrying low, and growing fast. A definite sign she’s having boys.” Mrs. Hanson touched my stomach, and I blushed ferociously. I wasn’t used to this kind of attention.

“I’m willing to put money on girls.” Grandma countered with a smile. “I just have a gut feeling she’s going to have girls.”

I couldn’t even remember why we’d come into this store, but I suddenly felt like I needed to sit.

“Emma, honey. You were going to look for a rocking chair or something for the nursery, weren’t you?” Grandma asked me suddenly, snapping me out of my daze.

“Oh, yeah… I was… but you know, that room is kind of a mess right now… we haven’t even got the furniture assembled yet. Taylor won’t let me help at all and he hasn’t quite gotten to it yet.”

Mrs. Hanson sighed. “I’ll send Isaac and Walker over tonight to help.”

“Oh, no that’s okay. I don’t want to inconvenience them or anything.”

“Honey, being pregnant is hard enough. If they get the nursery set up, it’ll be one less thing on your mind, and you won’t have to live in the mess anymore.” She smiled sweetly at me.

“Thank you.” I nodded.

We wandered the store for a bit.

“See, now this is a god-send!” Diana pointed to a box.

I frowned, reading the package.

“A jolly-jumper? They still make those?” Grandma squinted.

“Of course. I used to put Taylor in that thing for hours. It was the only way I could get anything done.” Mrs. Hanson laughed softly.

Grandma sighed. “I think I’m going to run off to use the washroom… are you okay?”

I laughed softly. “I’ll be fine. Honestly.”

Grandma smiled and disappeared.

I followed Mrs. Hanson down an aisle.

“Is there anything specific you’re looking for?” She asked.

“Umm… not really. I’m still trying to get an idea of how much we need… it’s so overwhelming.” I sighed.

She smiled. “I know it seems like a lot, but you’ll have a lot of help. Walker and I are available to babysit, and I can answer any questions you may have.”

“Thank you.” I smiled briefly. “I do have one question, though…”

“Anything, honey.” Mrs. Hanson smiled.

I blushed, shoving my hair from my face. “Well, I’ve been reading… a lot. And I’ve read that breastfeeding is recommended. I read that it’s a healthier option, and that there’s a lot of nutrients in breast feeding… that it helps prevent disease and that it’s easier on the baby’s stomach and digestion…”

“Right…” Diana nodded.

“Well, I guess… do you think I should do it? Is all that stuff true?” I chewed my lip worriedly.

“It’s my own personal belief that you should, but of course it’s entirely up to you. I breastfed all of my children because I believe it’s the most natural way to do it. It strengthens the bond between mother and baby and it burns a ton of calories.”

“Does it feel… weird?” I asked, feeling my face redden.

“A little at first. I guess it depends on the person. My sister couldn’t do it; she was too weirded out by it. But I preferred it. It all depends on the mother.”

I nodded. “I think I’m going to do it… I just wanted some advice… thank you. I should get some books on it… yet another thing I need to learn before the baby comes.” I sighed.

Diana smiled warmly.

We circled to another aisle, and I noticed two white stuffed elephants sitting on a shelf all by themselves. I smiled and placed them in the cart, deciding they were far too cute to pass up.

A little further down the aisle, there were storage containers. I found some pretty baskets with a white cotton liner in them. “These are pretty, right? I mean, I could store a lot of stuff in these…” I asked Mrs. Hanson.

“Those would be perfect for diapers and wipes and blankets. And bath stuff too.”

I smiled, almost proud of my find. “I should get some then. I should get a lot of them.”

Diana laughed. “Right. Babies need a lot and you’re having two.”

I nodded and added six baskets to the cart.

“I think I should look at the lamps and maybe a chair for the nursery.” I said definitively. “Then I shouldn’t be spending too much money today.”

“Good plan.” Diana smiled.

Grandma found us easily, while I was trying out every chair the store had on display. None of them seemed to fit right to me. I knew it was silly and I was being overly finicky, but I wanted a chair that was exactly right for the nursery; something comfortable since I would probably be spending a lot of time in it.

“What about this chair, Emma?” Grandma suggested. She had plopped down in an arm chair since I was taking ages to find something I liked.

She moved so I could sit in it. The chair was too hard and uncomfortable. “No, I don’t think so.” I sighed. “It just doesn’t feel right. I think maybe I’ll try another store, some other time.” I sighed. I was growing tired and my feet were beginning to ache.

“Okay. We should get you home.” Grandma said gently.

“Right, Taylor will think we’ve kidnapped you.” Diana teased.


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