Chapter 27: Two Hearts

I returned home a lot later from shopping than expected. I carried my items into the house, and this time it was Taylor who met me at the door.

“Hey, Emma. There you are. Did you have fun?” He asked, lightly kissing me.

“It was really overwhelming. We have a lot of stuff to get and… did you know they’re planning on buying the babies stuff for Christmas? They’re not even born yet, how weird is that?”

Taylor shrugged. “It’s pretty common actually. And everyone is really excited about the babies, you know? Are those heavy?” He quickly took my parcels before I could even answer.

He helped me remove my coat, and hung it in the door while I kicked off my boots with a sigh.

“Before I forget to tell you, your brother and father are coming over to help with the nursery tonight. I let it slip to your mother and she insisted on sending them to help. I’d better get dinner started, I’m sure they’ll be hungry after all that moving and stuff, so I’ll feed them.”

Taylor caught my hand before I could move into the kitchen. “We’ll order some pizzas or something… first I have something for you.”

I frowned. “What?”

He sighed, taking both my hands in his. “Sweetie, yesterday I was completely out of line… You didn’t do anything wrong and I treated you horribly. I love you, and I love talking to you. I love it when you call me at work, but yesterday I was just… a dick. And I didn’t mean it. I feel awful.”

“Tay, it’s okay. You’re under a lot of stress with work right now. I understand.” I countered lightly.

“That’s no excuse.” He sighed. “I know you forgive me, and I know you know that I’m sorry, and I’ll never ever be so rude to you again… but I got you something just to show you how sorry I am.”

“You didn’t have to do that!” I cried.

“I know. I wanted to. I feel terrible. No matter how stressed out at work I am, you’re just as stressed here at home. You’ve got two babies on the way, and you’re alone for a huge part of the day without any help… I know that’s hard on you too since you don’t know what to expect with this whole pregnancy thing…”

I swallowed thickly. “Tay…”

“Sorry.” He smiled faintly, lightly brushing my cheek. “Either way, I got you something.”

He released me and dug into his pocket to retrieve a small, square box. It was black, and the cover looked like soft velvet. He held it out to me on the palm of his hand.

“You’re not proposing again are you?” I chewed my lip.

Taylor laughed softly. “I could get down on one knee and beg for forgiveness, if you like…”

“No!” I gasped. “Please don’t.”

He smirked. “Open it.”

I took the box from his hand and opened it slowly. The inside of the box was coated in the same black velvet as the outside. But my eyes immediately went to the silver colored ring inside. It was breathtaking. There were two small heart shaped gems; both a blue color. A row of tiny diamonds separated the two hearts, set delicately into the metal. (Emma’s Ring)

“Oh my god, Tay!” I breathed.

He smiled. “I spent my whole lunch break picking it out. See, those hearts are made of alexandrite… the June birthstone. I got them in blue, because I thought it was cool that in certain lights the ring is blue and in some it’s purple.”

I frowned. “June? But your birthday is in March and mine is in April.”

He smiled. “The doctors said your due date was in June. June eighteenth, remember? And I got two hearts because-“

“Two babies.” I suddenly understood.

“It’s white gold too, very nice. So it matches your engagement ring and wedding band.”

“It’s beautiful… it’s perfect. Thank you!” I reached for the ring, but his hands beat me to it.

“Let me.” He smiled. “I bought it; I think I should be the one to put it on you.”

I nodded and extended my right hand, a smile tugging at my lips.

He carefully slid the ring onto the ring finger of my right hand.

“It fits.” I smiled. “Great choice.”

“I’m glad.” He chuckled. “It looks great on you.” He picked up my hand and lightly kissed it.

I grinned hugely. “Really, you didn’t have to buy me anything, Tay. I wasn’t mad at you…”

“Okay, consider it a thank you for not being mad at me.” He shrugged, his arms moving around me.

“It must have cost you a fortune… you didn’t have to…” I began.

“I wanted to. And hey, if only one of our kids gets to go to college, at least you got something pretty out of it.” He shrugged.

I frowned. “Not funny.” I sighed. “Not even a little.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie.” He chuckled, pulling me back into his arms gently. “I love you, and I wanted another chance to show you… I mean, aside from these right here.” He laid his hands on my stomach.

I laughed softly, laying my hand on his arm. I watched the pretty jewels sparkle. “It’s perfect. And the meaning behind it is so special, I couldn’t have asked for anything more precious.” I smiled.

“Good.” He nestled a kiss against my lips. “So how did the shopping thing go today?”

I sighed. “I’m exhausted. My gran and your mother were placing bets on whether we were going to have boys or girls… Baby shopping is so overwhelming. We need so much…” I sighed.

He shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t understand women either.”

I chewed my lip. “I did make my mind up on something that I’d been confused over…”

Taylor frowned. “What’s that, sweetie?”

“Well, I’ve decided to breast feed. All the books recommend it, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to… and I talked to your mom-“

His arms dropped, and his face paled. “Gross, Em. Yuck!”

“But it’s natural and the healthiest option for the babies!” I countered. “Did you not want me to…”

“No, no. I agree with you. I think its best, and it’s totally up to you if you want to do that I just…. Really don’t want to think about my mom doing it, you know?” He walked into the kitchen.

“But your mom said she breast fed you…” I frowned.

Taylor made a face. “Okay, I’m going to go throw up now.”

“Tay, it’s natural, women have been feeding their babies for centuries. And the books say it’s healthiest, there’s more nutrients… I read that even babies who are breastfed are smarter than others and less prone to sickness… I mean, I don’t know how true that last part is…” I followed him.

“I know, I just… don’t want to think about my mom… you know. My mom’s…” He motioned to his chest. “You know.”

“Oh, right. I get it.” I nodded. I still had no idea what the problem was, but I went along with it.

The doorbell rang. “They’re here!” I gasped.

I hadn’t had time to even tidy up or anything.

“I’ve got it.” He offered, jogging into the hallway.

I followed him, just in time to find Mr. Hanson and Isaac removing their jackets and boots.

“Hi, guys.” I smiled.

Taylor’s father hugged me loosely. “Wow, look at you! You’re glowing.”

I blushed, glancing at Taylor.

Taylor rolled his eyes. “Dad, can you try not hitting on my wife?”

I blushed brightly.

“Don’t feel bad. He hits on all of my girlfriends too.” Isaac teased.

“You’re just jealous because they like me more, that’s all.” Walker joked, leading the way up the stairs.

Isaac followed, laughing.

“Can I help?” I asked eagerly.

“No, no. We’ll call you when it’s time to decide where to put things, and you can help then, okay?” He lightly kissed my forehead.

“Could I order the pizza’s then?”

“Sure… give us like half an hour first, though. It’s still early.”

I nodded, watching him disappear up the stairs.

I found the instruction sheet for the new pillow I had purchased and went to find a comfortable place to sit.


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