Chapter 56: Preparations

By the time we got home from the hospital, it was very early morning. Taylor made breakfast and we sat talking at the kitchen table. I was exhausted, but feeling far too anxious to sleep.

Taylor wouldn’t let me help clean up, so I went upstairs to take a bath. I tried to relax a little, but I couldn’t help but keep worrying. I moved my hands over my ridiculously swollen stomach, trying to make sense of all that had been going on.

I still had so much to do, and so little time to do it in. Now that I was stuck on bed rest, I’d never get anything done.

I sighed, trying to relax and not worry so much. I heard the front door open and I frowned.

I could hear voices downstairs. I drained the tub and struggled to get out of it. I got myself dressed, pulling on a loose fitting nightgown; which was beginning to feel like I was wearing a tent. I dug the housecoat that Taylor had bought me for Christmas, and awkwardly got my arms through the sleeves. I couldn’t get the front closed, so I left it hanging open.

I ventured into the hallway just as Taylor and Isaac were coming up the stairs.

“Hey, what are you still doing up?” Taylor asked. “I thought you were going to bed.”

“Not yet.” I answered. “What’s going on?”

‘We’re going to clean up the spare room for your grandmother. Isaac came over to help.”

“Oh. Let me help too, then. It’ll go faster.”

“No way. You can supervise, but that’s it. You shouldn’t even be out of bed.” Taylor complained.

Isaac smirked.

“Your grandmother will be here later on today, we should get this done, okay?” Taylor said to me.

I nodded, and waited until Isaac and Taylor moved into the spare bedroom, before I followed.

“Okay, so what are we doing?” Isaac asked.

“Well, mostly we need to clear out the closet, there’s some Christmas junk in there that can be moved to the garage and there’s some boxes of files that can be moved there for the time being…. I’ll go through them and decide what to do with the stuff later.” Taylor was saying.

“You should maybe move the bed away from the wall a bit, and move the dresser to the other side of the room.” I began. “And we could bring the extra chair up out of the library to make some extra room in there and give Grandma a more comfortable room to stay in. I should maybe re-wash the sheets and the blankets and everything… We could have maybe gotten a rug or something. That would make the wood floor less cool…”

Taylor gaped at me. “Honey, really, you should get some rest. It was a long night for you…”

“I’m fine. Give me time before I get chained to the bed for the next six weeks.” I sighed.

Isaac clapped Taylor on the shoulder. “Come on, I’ll help you bring up that chair from downstairs.”

“Right, probably a good idea.” Taylor answered, before turning to me. “Don’t try to lift or move anything. I mean it.”

I sighed. “Come on. I’m not an idiot.”

He smiled faintly at that and followed Isaac down the stairs.

I crossed the room and pushed open the curtains, letting the room fill with early morning light.

I opened the closet doors, gasping at the overwhelming mess inside. Christmas tinsel and garland were hanging out of a few of the boxes. There was another box filled with items that had been sent from my parent’s house in New York; just a few of the things I deemed important enough to keep.

I picked up a photo album and tucked it under my arm to glance at later. I glanced up sharply, hearing one of the boys grunt under the weight of the chair. I quickly moved out of the way as the boys squeezed through the doorway with the chair.

“Okay. Where do you want it?” Taylor grunted.

“Umm… there. In the corner.” I pointed.

The boys put it down, and Taylor carefully angled the chair. “Like that?”

I nodded. “Perfect.”

“Okay, sit.” He held his hand to me and helped me sit.

“Okay, what next?” Isaac asked.

“We should tackle the closet I guess.” Taylor shrugged.

“Can I get you anything?” Taylor asked me.

“No, I’m fine.” I replied, flipping open the photo album in my hands.

I smiled to myself, running my fingers over the images of my parent’s wedding day.

The boys quickly tackled the closet, in a lot shorter time than I thought possible. When I looked up again, Taylor was quickly sweeping the floor. He balanced the broom against one wall.

“Okay, where should we move the bed?” Isaac asked me.

“Maybe on that wall?” I pointed to the wall opposite me. “That way when the light shines in during the morning hours… it’ll be really pretty.”

“Uhh… okay…” Isaac frowned, glancing at Taylor who shrugged innocently.

It was a silent exchange that managed to convince me that neither of them actually cared; they were simply trying to humor the ridiculously pregnant woman in the corner.

They moved the bed, and shifted the dresser below the windows.

“How’s that?” Isaac asked me.

I beamed. “Perfect.”

“Honey, if you’re serious about putting a rug in here, we could borrow the one from the library just while your grandmother is staying here… and there’s that extra lamp we could borrow from there, and put it next to the chair you’re sitting in… that way your gran can sit and read…”

“That sounds perfect.” I smiled.

“There are those tables from mom’s in your garage, you could bring them up and use them as bedside tables…” Isaac offered.

“Yeah, that’s true.” Taylor mused.

“That sounds perfect.” I smiled.

“Okay.” Taylor lightly kissed me, then he and Isaac left me alone in the room.

I sighed softly. I wanted this room to be perfect for when Grandma arrived. She was doing all of us a huge favor by moving in for a bit. I wanted her room to be perfect for her.


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