Chapter 57: Bed Rest Begins

Taylor untucked the blankets on our bed and folded them over so I could climb into bed. He adjusted the pillows and helped me climb onto the bed. I sighed, and sat back against the pillows with a sigh. He folded the blankets over me and sat beside me with a tired sigh.

“You should sleep too. You got just as much sleep as I did last night, and I’m exhausted.” I mused.

“I’ll sleep a bit later.” He answered, tucking my sloppy braid over my shoulder.

“I guess you and Isaac pretty much think I’m nuts for insisting on rearranging the entire guest bedroom for my grandmother to stay with us…”

“No, I don’t think you’re nuts at all…” He began.

“But Isaac does?” I guessed.

Taylor smirked. “Maybe just a little.” He laughed. “But he was just trying to avoid the pregnancy hormones.”

I frowned. “My hormones haven’t been too bad, have they?”

“No, no. Not at all.” He smiled, reaching out and lightly stroking my cheek with his thumb. “I understand how important making your grandmother comfortable is… she’s doing us a huge favor, by staying here for the next few weeks and taking care of you and the babies…” He paused. “Do you really want me to wash the sheets in the other room?”

I shook my head. “I did them a week ago.”

“Okay.” He agreed. “I just… want to make you happy.”

I smiled. “You make me very, very happy.”

He chuckled.

“Are you going to come to bed soon?”

“Yeah. I’ll be just a minute… first things first though…” He began slowly.

I frowned. “What is it?”

“How are you? Are you okay?”

I nodded. “I feel okay. Other than being exhausted…”

“And your stomach? No pain or discomfort or anything?” He asked, lightly laying his hands on my stomach. He frowned when there was no kicking.

“I feel fine.” I nodded.

He sighed. “Promise me one thing?”

“Anything.” I promised automatically.

“Promise you’ll never, ever scare me like that again, okay? At least not until the babies come…”

I gaped at him in surprise. “You were scared? You didn’t seem it. You were so calm and you knew exactly what to do…”

“I was freaking out, Emma. I was afraid we were going to loose the babies, or something might happen to you… I didn’t know what to think. I was terrified… I just… I knew I had to get you to the hospital as quickly as possible, and that’s what I did.”

I smiled. “Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

He chuckled. “Any time, sweetie.” He leaned across my knees, and balanced himself carefully over me on one hand. With his free hand he lightly stroked my huge round stomach. He frowned, not feeling any kicking.

I sighed softly. “There hasn’t been any kicking. Not since yesterday. Do you think we should worry about that?”

Taylor smiled. “No, I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. The doctor said everything is fine. They’re probably just exhausted from last night.”

I sighed. “Me too.”

“You should sleep then sweetie.” Taylor yawned tiredly. “I was going to shower first, but I think I might skip it and shower later.”

I nodded. “What time is grandma coming over?”

“After lunch some time.”

“Oh. Okay.” I sighed.

“Emma, you need sleep, okay? We’ll talk later. We’ve got all day.”

I nodded. “You’re right.”

Taylor stood and went into the bathroom. I heard him brushing his teeth as I struggled to get myself comfortable. I was unbearably awkward with such a large, swollen stomach. I finally got myself comfortable on my side and sighed.

Taylor came out of the bathroom, draping his t-shirt and jeans over a chair. He climbed into bed next to me, moving closer to me.

I could feel him watching me for several seconds, before he reached out and carefully moved a stray strand of my hair out of my face. He lightly twisted it behind my ear.

I opened my eyes and gazed up at him.

“Sorry.” He smiled, leaning toward me and kissing my nose lightly. “I thought you were asleep already.”

“No… I was thinking, actually.” I mused.

“Thinking about what?” He frowned.

“Well… I was thinking that…” I paused. “Well, isn’t it kind of ironic?”

“Is what ironic?” Taylor frowned, sleepily.

“When we first met and when we first were together, I got sick and was bedridden for a lot of the time we were together and you had to take care of me… then after we got married and everything… now here we are and I’m sick again, and you have to take care of me again…” I explained.

“Em, I don’t think that’s really ironic. I think it’s just an odd coincidence.” Taylor answered. “Besides, you’re not sick. You’re pregnant with twins and bedrest is common, especially since it’s our first baby and you’re pretty small, carrying two kids, and of course your health issues in the past…”

I gaped at him.

He opened one eye and grinned at me. “Sorry, I was talking to my mom.”

“Oh, right.” I answered.

“Can we sleep now?” Taylor opened both eyes and smiled at me. “I know you’re tired, and I’m tired too.”

“Okay, you’re right.” I gave up trying to fight the pull of sleep and let sleep wash over me.


I woke sometime later to the gentle nudge of one of the babies. My eyes opened immediately, and I reached out and laid my hand on the place where I had felt the kick. Sure enough, a few seconds later, I felt a kick in almost the same place. I ran my free hand along the other side, closing my eyes and hoping to feel the kick of the other baby.

A few seconds later, I felt the kick.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Oh, thank God,” I breathed.

I decided I needed to get up and walk a bit, and I knew that if I got up, I’d have to make a trip to the washroom.

I struggled to get myself into a sitting postion, shoving off the blankets. I sighed and awkwardly strained my feet toward the floor. I struggled to reach the floor, straining my feet forward. The second my toes hit the floor, I heard Taylor’s voice.

“Hey! What are you doing getting out of bed?” He demanded.

I gasped in alarm.

“You’re supposed to be on bed rest!” He pointed out.

I gaped at him.

“No pouting. Get back in bed. Seriously, Emma. The doctor said bed rest, you need to stay in bed. Whatever it is, let me get it and I-“

“I have to pee!” I protested loudly.

He stopped trying to get me back into bed, still holding my elbow. “Oh… sorry… here, let me help you.”

“I can do it on my own. Can you just help me up again?” I asked.

Taylor nodded. “Okay, easy.” He hoisted me onto my feet.

I padded off into the bathroom. My prediction came true. As soon as I was in an upright position, I desperately had to use the washroom. I hardly even had time to swing the door closed behind me.

When I was finished, I washed my hands; intentionally trying to avoid my reflection in the mirror.

I ventured out into the bedroom, sighing heavily. “This sucks already. How many more weeks?”

Taylor smiled, taking my arm and helping me back to the bed. I climbed back into bed awkwardly, sitting back against the pillows that Taylor propped up for me.

“Are you okay? Can I get you anything? Are you hungry or thirsty?”

I shook my head. “No. I’m okay.”

“Okay…” He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, smiling. “I have something for you.”

I frowned. “What?”

“Well, your grandma isn’t here yet and you were still asleep. I didn’t want to disturb you so I ran out to the store to pick up a few things. We needed milk and I got you a little lap table thing in case you want to play cards or do a puzzle or even a board game…”

“Oh, thank you. That’s a great idea…” I breathed, folding my hands over my stomach.

“And I got you something else.” He beamed.

“Another gift?” I frowned.

“Well, we can both appreciate it. One second…” He stood up from the edge of the bed. He left the room, venturing out in the hall.

“No fair! I can’t leave the bed…” I pouted.

I heard him laugh. He returned a second later, carrying a rather large cardboard box. It seemed heavy, he was struggling slightly under the weight of it.

“What’s that?” I frowned.

“I thought it might be nice for you to have a TV up here. That way I can join you and we can watch TV… it’ll give us something to do.” He smiled.

“Oh, Tay… you didn’t have to do that…” I began slowly.

He shrugged. “I wanted to. And you’ll be able to watch movies up here and everything. We can make popcorn and watch videos in bed.”

I smiled. “That’s perfect. Taylor, thank you!” I extended my arms to him.

It took him a mere second before he realized what I wanted, and awkwardly hugged me.


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