Chapter 70: Discomfort

I woke up on Monday morning, and went downstairs. Taylor had already left for work, and I found it completely strange that I hadn’t heard his alarm go off or heard the shower running. Still in my nightgown, I ventured downstairs and grandma had a bowl of oatmeal and fruit already waiting for me.

For once, I actually wasn’t hungry. I was usually starving in the mornings, but today I just didn’t feel like eating.

I didn’t particularly feel like doing anything at all.

I left grandma to clean up the kitchen, not even bothering to offer to help. I felt miserable and much more tired than usual. I simply went into the living room and plopped down on the sofa. I leaned back against the arm cushions and stretched my legs out in front of me on the sofa.

I turned on the morning talk shows and sat back with a sigh. All I had to do was make it a couple of hours and Taylor would be calling. His call was usually the most important part of my dayuntil he got home at least.

Grandma came into the room, sitting down in the chair. Instead of picking up her book or her knitting, I could feel her eyes on me. “Emma? Are you feeling okay?”

I sighed, trying to resist the urge to snap at her. I knew Grandma was being a huge help, and I was eternally grateful. I just had to struggle to hold back the swell of hormones and moodiness that was threatening to surface.

“I just feel tired and I don’t know.” I sighed. “I guess being pregnant is harder on my body than I thought. I think I’m just going to watch TV for a bit, then lie down. If I can’t get any sleep, the least I can do is catch up on my reading or something.” I mused.

“Good idea,” Grandma replied.


The remainder of my morning was uneventful. I didn’t even have the energy to play a game of cards with grandma.

Shortly before lunch I decided I couldn’t wait for Taylor to call me; I was going to go upstairs and lie down. Grandma insisted I try to eat, but I refused. I couldn’t eat anything, my stomach didn’t feel like it.

I left instructions with my grandmother to wake me when Taylor called, just so I could talk to him.

Grandma came up a few times to check on me, lightly rubbing my hip or my back or stroking my hair, soothingly. Nothing seemed to help. I wanted Taylor so much I wanted to cry. It was terrible. My stomach was churning and tying itself into knots. I curled my legs up to the bottom of my massive stomach and lay on my side. I slept lightly and fitfully.

I had no idea how long I’d been out when I felt a hand lay lightly on my shoulder, and I felt Taylor lean down and lightly kiss my temple.

“Tay?” I mumbled, opening my eyes and lifting my head.

“Hey, sweetie.” He bent and kissed my shoulder. “I heard you weren’t feeling well.”

I could clearly see the worry evident in his face.

I frowned. “You didn’t call me today.” I accused. “I was waiting for your call.”

He sighed. “I did call, Emma. Your grandma said you weren’t feeling well, and I asked her if she thought it would be best if I came home immediately…”

I frowned deeper and turned my head, squinting at his alarm clock. It was twenty after one.

He was home a full four and a half hours early.

I sighed. “I told her not to let you come home…” I whimpered.

“Emma, I was worried about you and the babies.” He said lightly, leaning over me and lightly rubbing my stomach. I didn’t even have the energy to turn over so he could rub my belly properly.

“I’m fine, I’m just a little tired.” I replied. “Carrying two babies and eating for two are exhausting.”

He nodded. “Do you think maybe we should go to a doctor?”

I shook my head. “No, no. I’m okay.”

“You’re sure?”

I nodded. “Positive.”

“Okay.” He sucked in a deep breath. “Have they been kicking a lot today?”

“Not so much. A little this morning, but not as much as they normally do.” I mused, adjusting my nightgown over my stomach.

Taylor frowned, and I could still see the worry in his expression.

“They’re probably just tired like me.” I said quickly. “Or full, grandma made us a big breakfast today.”

He nodded. “Maybe you should keep resting for a bit.” I could tell by his tone that as soon as he left the room he was either going to call his mother or the doctor and ask a million questions.

“Umm… wait… can you help me up first?” I asked awkwardly.

“Em, if you’re not feeling the greatest, maybe you should just stay in bed for a bit.”

“I have to go to the bathroom.” I said, frowning. “Or at least I think I do. I’m sure by the time I get in there, I’ll have to go.”

“Okay.” He said, taking my hands and carefully helping me sit up.

I sighed and shifted so my legs hung over the edge. He hoisted me easily onto my feet. I don’t know how he made it seem so effortless, I was almost positive I weighed as much as a small cow.

I started off toward the bathroom, feeling something strange.

Taylor plopped down on the edge of the bed with a heavy sigh to remove his tie, socks and work attire. I was sure he was only sticking around to make sure I didn’t fall in or something.

I stopped in the middle of the bathroom floor, feeling something strange. It trickled down my leg to my feet. I frowned, clutching my stomach.

My breath came out quickly.

“Tay!” I cried. “Help!”

He came into the room within a second, his pants undone and his shirt off. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He demanded.

“My water just broke!”

“What? Already?” He demanded.

I nodded. “What do I do?”

“We have to go to the hospital!” He said quickly, grabbing my hand. “Now!”

“I need to get dressed.” I began awkwardly. Suddenly I was terrified. I hadn’t read this far in the books, and I hadn’t packed or anything. I felt so unprepared for this, I wanted to cry.

He pulled me through the bedroom, grabbing his shirt from the floor.

“I’m scared.” I whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

“Me too.” He sighed, wearily. He started yelling for my grandmother as soon as he hit the bottom step.


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