Chapter 72: Push

Grandma and Taylor’s family arrived within minutes of each other. Taylor’s two brothers didn’t stay for long; they both seemed slightly uncomfortable by the situation. I was extremely grateful for everyone who was with me, but Taylor’s mother was remarkable. She knew exactly what I needed. When the nurses came in to check something, it was Diana who explained what they were doing in simple, easy-to-understand terms. It made me feel so much more relaxed just having her there.

Grandma dutifully brought me ice chips and helped me move when I needed to adjust positions. She braided my hair for me to keep it back and out of the way.

Taylor kept my hand in his, and for the most part, he was quiet.

I winced, noticeably.

“Another contraction?” Taylor asked.

I nodded. “It’s bad.”

A ripple of extreme pain coursed through my body, and I felt my entire body go ridgid to try and handle it. I held my breath and closed my eyes tightly.

“Remember to breathe, honey.” Diana insisted. “In and out, keep it slow and even.”

I opened my eyes and mimicked the breathing exercise she had shown me.

“Very good.” She smiled warmly.

The pain was terrible and getting worse.

“Argh!” I screamed, causing Taylor to jump.

“Uh… maybe I should get a doctor…” Taylor began.

“Don’t you dare get out of that chair!” I snapped.

Mrs. Hanson smiled.

Taylor shot a worried glance at her.

Diana laughed softly. “Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I told your father a lot worse things than that.”

I groaned. “Is it over yet?” I demanded. “When are these kids coming out?” I demanded. I dropped my head back against the pillows.

The doctor appeared in the doorway, “Okay, mind if I take a look? You’ve been at this for almost eight hours now…”

I nodded. “Please just get them out!” I whined.

The doctor came in and Grandma and Mrs. Hanson stepped out while she examined me. Two nurses followed the doctor in.

“Do you want me to go?” Taylor worried.

“No!” I insisted. “Are you nuts?”

“Sorry.” He smirked.

The doctor did a quick examination. “Okay, honey. We’re just about there…”

“You’ve been saying that for ages.” I whined.

The doctor smiled. “You’re at nine centimeters, and you need to be ten. I think it’s time to discuss an epidural and get all the equipment in here.”

I let the air out of my lungs in a rush of air. “Oh, good!” I sighed.

“Okay, so we didn’t discuss the epidural…” The doctor began.

I shook my head quickly. “I don’t want one.”

Taylor’s eyes practically bulged out of his head. “What? Emma!”

“Tay, I want to experience everything, this may be the only time I get to do this!” I protested.

“Emma…” He sighed. He turned his attention to the doctor. “Is there any risk to the babies?”

“There are no significant risks.” The doctor answered.

“See?” Taylor said hopefully to me. He sighed softly and leaned down toward me. “Emma, please. I love you so, so much. You know I can’t stand seeing you in pain, I can’t stand even the thought of you being in pain… I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it… just please, put me at ease and take the epidural?”

I nodded. I could feel another contraction coming on, and I nodded. “Okay, epidural.”

The nurse held out a clipboard, and Taylor scribbled his name on it before handing it back to the nurse. “There.” He announced.

“Okay, honey. Just turn over onto your side.” The nurse said to me. I hadn’t even realized she was there.

I struggled to get onto my side, with Taylor’s help. He stroked my hair and lightly kissed my forehead. “It’s okay honey. Everything is going to be okay. Soon we’re going to have two beautiful babies…” He told me. “I love you.”

I nodded.

The doctor swabbed some cold stuff on my lower back.

“Tay?” I squeaked.

“Right here.” He answered, smiling anxiously.

“Okay, honey, slight pinch.” The doctor said behind me.

I felt the sharp sting of the needle and winced. Taylor lightly rubbed my arm.

I tried to slow my anxious breathing as the nurses helped me move back into position. One nurse had left and was returning with two incubators, which terrified me just to look at. It terrified me that my babies might actually need them.

“Tay…” I began. “Get grandma. I want her in here too.”

“Okay.” He smiled.

The nurses got me into the position, putting my knees up, putting my feet into the stirrups.

Taylor left me for all of two seconds and returned. He took one side and grandma was at my other side.

“Hi, Emma.” She rubbed my shoulder. “It’s okay. This is going to be fine.”

I nodded. “I can’t feel anything… is that normal?”

The doctor smiled, “Completely normal.” She did one last check. “Okay, you’re at ten centimeters. Time to start pushing, we’re going to bring these babies into the world.” She smiled.

“Good.” I answered. It hit me suddenly how unbelievably exhausted I was. It was very early in the morning, even I could tell that. I was exhausted and my body felt like it weighed a ton.

Grandma chuckled softly at my side. She and Taylor were suiting up, putting on a strange backward gown. They put on gloves and off paper gowns. Under any other circumstance, I probably would have been laughing.

“Can I rest for a bit first?” I asked.

“Not now, honey. These babies are coming now.” The doctor smiled.

Taylor squeezed my hand. “You can do it, honey.” He said.

I looked up at him and suddenly it felt like I could do anything. I nodded. “Okay, what do I do?” I asked.

“The next urge you feel, you start pushing. As hard as you can. Push down the best you can, okay?”

I nodded. “Okay.”

“It should be soon.” The doctor told me.

I nodded and within a few seconds, I felt it coming. I sucked in a deep breath and squeezing Taylor’s hand and grandma’s hand as tightly as I could, I started pushing.

I pushed until the need to push stopped, then dropped back against the bed, panting hard.

“Come on, Emma. You can do it.” Grandma told me. “A few more pushes, you can do it.”
Taylor kissed my hair. His one hand was clutched tightly in mine, and the other rubbed my back.

“Okay, time to push again.” The doctor told me. “Put your chin on your chest and push hard, okay?”

I nodded. I felt the urge to push coming and this time I pushed hard. I made a strange noise that I was almost positive wasn’t coming from me. It was a half groan, half growl.

The feeling ceased within a few seconds and I dropped back on the bed, panting hard. I was completely caked in sweat. Grandma tried to pat my hair back, soothing me.

Taylor kissed my hand. “You’re doing great, Emma. You can do it.”

The contraction stopped and I gasped for air. “Ugh, is it over yet?” I demanded.

“Almost, a couple more pushes and you’ll have a baby…” The doctor told me.

A nurse was standing by, holding a blanket open, and waiting.

I felt the next wave. “Time to push again…” I started.

“You can do it, Emma.” Taylor said.

I drew in a deep breath and forced myself to try and push harder than I had the last two times.

“Push, Emma.” Taylor urged. “Push… push…” He chanted.

I groaned loudly as I stopped pushing, sighing. “Ugh!”

“Okay, one more push and you’ll have your first baby.” The doctor announced.

“Come on, Emma. One more.” Grandma smiled, rubbing my shoulder.

Taylor squeezed my hand lightly. “One more and we’ll have one of our babies.” He smiled at me.

I nodded, feeling the wave coming. I sat forward and pushed as hard as I could manage, screaming louder than I ever thought possible.

Within seconds, it felt like my entire body was suddenly emptying. The doctor flew into activity, while I tried to catch my breath. “Congratulations, you have a baby boy!” She announced.

I gasped sharply. It seemed too good to be true.

“Is he okay?” I demanded worriedly. I was suddenly crying.

Taylor and grandma were both leaning forward to see.

Taylor grinned. “He’s perfect.”

“Did you want to cut the chord?” The doctor asked.

Taylor glanced back at me and I nodded.

He cut the chord, grinning hugely. “Wow, Emma, he’s… real…” He mused.

Grandma laughed softly, tears glistening in her eyes. One of the nurses took the baby away, and I had only had a brief glimpse at him. “Wait, is he okay?” I could hear the baby crying, loud, breathy screams. Already he was on the other side of the room.

“He’s perfect.” The doctor answered. “But we have another one coming.” She informed me. We have to get the second baby out first, then you can have them, okay?”

I nodded. “I just had a baby, though! Can’t the second one just fall out?”

Suddenly I was the only person in the room not laughing. I sighed. “Do I at least get to rest?”

“No time for that, Emma.” The doctor told me. “The second baby is coming.”

I was still distracted by the thought of the first baby. A baby boy. Taylor and I had a son.

And there was still another one coming. We were about to have two sons.

I could feel the need to push. I sucked in a deep breath, and tried pushing.

“You’re going to have to push harder, Emma.” The doctor told me.

I struggled to push harder, but I was so weak after the first, I was finding it hard.

“Come on, Emma. Push!” Grandma insisted.

“I am!” I snapped. “It’s hard.”

The urge subsided, and I dropped back against the bed, “Please, just suck it out or something!” I gasped.

“Emma, come on honey. You can do it. We’re going to have another baby, okay? Come on, think about how excited we are for this!” Taylor kissed my forehead. “Come on, honey.”

I gasped for breath, panting heavily.

I nodded. The next urge started, and I bore down, pushing hard.

“Okay, I see the head.” The doctor mused.

I groaned, and pushed as hard and as long as I could, trying to push really hard and get our next son out.

I panted, falling back onto the bed. “I can’t! I’m exhausted!” I whined. I was so drained, and sore, and I wanted to see my son. I could hardly think clearly.

“Come on, Emma. Just a couple more pushes.” The doctor urged.

I panted sharply. I started pushing again just as the next urge to push started, grunting. I could feel my hand gripping Taylor’s tightly. Grandma was rubbing my back lightly.

“Almost there, Emma.” Grandma said to me.

“Is he out yet?” I wailed.

“Almost. Almost! One more push. A big one, push hard!” The doctor told me.

I nodded.

“Come on, you can do it, Em. You can do anything, come on.” Taylor said. “Just push.”

I panted, and leaned forward, pushing as hard as I could manage, screaming loudly.

“He’s coming, he’s coming!” The doctor said.

I felt the rush again and the baby was expelled. I could feel it.

“Congratulations. It’s a girl.” The doctor announced.

Grandma sobbed and started to cry immediately.

I dropped against the bed. “Oh!”

Taylor cut the chord again. “Wow, Emma, she’s beautiful.” He beamed. “We have one of each, a boy and a girl.” He stated, dumbfounded.

“Oh, where are they? Let me see!” I protested.

“They just have to check them over, Emma. Just a second.” Grandma told me.

Taylor wiped the sweat from my forehead and kissed me. “Our babies.” He smiled.


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