Chapter 12: Betting on Us

I followed Taylor up to his front door. I squeezed his hand tightly. “Wait, um… maybe we should do this another day… you know? There’s no rush. We can tell them just before the babies are born, it’ll be more of a surprise. Kind of like, ‘whoop! My water broke! Oh, by the way…’”

Taylor laughed, pulling me close and kissing me again. “Emma, sweetie. It’s no big deal. We told your grandmother…”

“I know. I know, it’s so silly, but I just can’t help but… freak out…. I’m not used to this and I…” I sighed. “I suck.”

He chuckled. “You do not suck!” He kissed me again. “I’ll do all the talking, okay? You won’t have to say anything. Just sit there and look pretty, okay? It should be pretty easy for you, since you’re so gorgeous already.” He grinned.

“Aw…” I melted, “So sweet!”

“Come on. Quick and painless. Like ripping off a band aid.”

I giggled, letting him lead me inside.

He helped me slip off my coat and I kicked off my shoes.

He led me into the kitchen and pulled out a chair for me. “I’ll be right back. I’ll just get my parents and I’ll be right back.”

I nodded.

I watched Taylor walk from the room. Isaac passed him and opened the fridge. “Hey, Emma. Coke?” He asked, popping the top on a can of soda.

“No, no thank you.” My stomach was doing flip flops, I felt sick; soda was the last thing I wanted right now. I wrapped my arms around my stomach with a huge sigh.

“Why do you look so guilty? Did you murder someone’s grandmother?” He smirked.

“It’s nothing… I’m just…” I began.

“Knocked up?” Isaac guessed.

I gaped at him.

“I thought it might happen.” Isaac laughed. “Congratulations. Now I’m going to get out of here before mom cries all over everyone. Good luck.”

My jaw practically hit the floor.

I shut my mouth quickly when Taylor led his parents back into the kitchen.

“What’s so important that it can’t wait, son?” His father asked.

“What’s wrong? Is everyone okay?” Diana chimed in.

I glanced down at my hands in my lap.

“Come on, just trust me. Sit down, we have something to tell you.” Taylor said quickly.

His parents sat across the table from me and Taylor sat at my left side.

I sucked in a deep breath, entirely not ready for this.

“Oh, honey, are you okay?” Diana asked, reaching across the table for my hand. “You look a little green.”

“I… I’m okay, I think.” I said softly.

“Is it your health? Are you sick again?” Diana asked worriedly. “Can we do anything?”

“Oh, no. No. I’m okay… I think.” I said quickly, glancing at Taylor.

“No, no. It’s good news.” Taylor grinned hugely. “It’s definitely good.” His hand fell over mine.

“What is it, son?” Walker asked again.

Taylor grinned. “Well, you guys are going to be grandparents.” He finally took his gaze from me and smiled at his parents. “Emma is pregnant.”

Diana squealed loudly. It was so sudden I jumped in alarm, my eyes widening in shock.

“I knew it!” Diana said. “I just said I thought something might be up, didn’t I Walker? I said your boobs were getting bigger.”

I gasped softly, feeling my face redden.

“Mom!” Taylor gasped. “Quit checking out my wife!”

“What? It’s one of the first noticeable signs of pregnancy!” Diana pointed out. “That’s how I knew I was pregnant with you!”

“Gross! Mom!” Taylor cried.

I was still blushing, and trying to hide my face in my hair.

“Huh. Isaac owes me twenty bucks.” Walker mused.

“Dad, come on!” Taylor laughed.

“Oh, I’m so happy!” Diana cried, “We’re going to have a grandbaby!” she hugged her husband before standing up to sweep both Taylor and I into a hug.

“We just found out last night.” Taylor continued beaming happily at me.

“How far along are you?”

“Twelve weeks.” Taylor answered, his mother squealing with delight.

“Boy or girl? Do you know?” Walker asked.

“I have an appointment Monday for a better exam… but I… I don’t think I want to know. I mean, I think I’d like to be surprised.” I glanced at Taylor.

He smiled. “Me too. But there’s more to this news.” He turned to me. “Do you have the ultrasound?”

“Oh, yeah.” I answered, fumbling through my purse.

Diana clapped her hands excitedly. “Oooh! Let me see!”

I found the image and passed it to her.

She seemed only to look at the image for a moment before shrieking again. “Twins! Two grandbabies!” She passed the image to Walker and popped up from the table, hugging us both again. “Miracles do happen!”

I chewed my lip. I didn’t believe in miracles, but if this was one, I’d take it.

Taylor squeezed my hand lightly.

I smiled, happily. Taylor was right, this was easier than I had expected.

“Are you excited?” Diana asked.

I glanced at Taylor. “I’m really, really excited… but I’m still a little freaked out. I mean, I’m really not good with kids at all. I’ve never even taken care of a kid before…”

“Yeah, speaking of that…” Taylor moved his arm slowly around my shoulder. “Could we maybe borrow Zoe for an evening? You know… practice?”

I blushed slightly again.

Diana and Walker exchanged excited glances. “Sure!” They both said eagerly.

Taylor made a disgusted face. “Ugh, gross!”

Zac came into the kitchen, reaching down a package of twinkies from the cupboard. “Hey, what’s going on?” He asked.

“You’re going to be an uncle.” Diana grinned.

“What?” Zac frowned.

“Emma’s pregnant.” Taylor beamed.

“Aw, man! I owe Ike twenty bucks!” Zac groaned.


When Taylor and I returned home, I was exhausted. It had been a long, and emotional day, and it entirely wore me out. It was only four in the afternoon, and I changed into my nightgown. I was walking out of the bathroom when Taylor brought my bags up from the car.

“Are you okay?” He asked. “You’re in your nightgown, and we haven’t even had dinner yet…”

“I… I know, but I’m exhausted.” I sighed. “Can’t…. can’t I just lie down for a little while?”

“Oh, of course, sweetie!” He gushed.

As I slipped into the bed, he placed my new clothes in a chair. He eagerly climbed into bed next to me, on top of the sheets.

“Can I get you something? Water, a snack or maybe some extra blankets-“

“No, no. It’s okay.” I said quickly, laying my hand on his arm. “But um… could you stay with me? For a little while? Just until I fall asleep?”

“Of course, sweetie.” He offered automatically.

“Thank you.” I smiled, settling back against the pillows.

He frowned carefully, glancing away. “Umm… could I…”

I waited for him to finish his question in confusion. It was then I noticed his hand hovering over me.

“Oh, yeah. Sure.” I pushed the blankets down .

His hand carefully moved onto my stomach, moving in a small circle.

I watched his hand explore my stomach before glancing back up at him, seeing the smile surface on his face.

“Wow.” He mused. “There is a baby bump there. I can’t believe we never noticed.”

“I noticed… I just thought I was getting fat or something.” I answered sheepishly.

He leaned toward me and gently kissed me, still beaming happily.

“You really are excited?” He asked dubiously.

“Yeah, I really am.” I answered, my hand laying over his on my stomach.

“You’re not still worried?”

“I’m freaking out slightly less.” I replied, biting my lip.

He chuckled. “This is the most amazing thing.” He shifted and gently kissed my stomach.

I gasped sharply and shrieked with giggles.

“Sorry.” He laughed. “You’re ticklish. I’m sorry.”

“No, no. It’s sweet.” I smiled. “Actually… knowing how okay with all of this you are makes me feel better. Calmer, you know?” I paused. “That sounds silly.”

“No, it doesn’t.” He smiled. “I love you, and I’m extremely happy. And we’re going to have a family… Everything is perfect.”


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